The Benefits of International Furniture Rental

Whether you're moving for your job or just embarking on a new adventure, there's a lot to think about when it comes to moving internationally. From getting settled at work to setting up your new home, lots of coordination has to happen for the transition to be a success. Fortunately, the CORT Global Network has the resources to help it happen. With a network of furniture rental providers in more than 80 countries, CORT makes it easy to move internationally.

Why Choose CORT International Furniture Rental?

CORT Global Consultants

When you work with the CORT Global Network, you get the help of expert. When you're matched with a CORT Global Consultant, they serve as your initial point of contact to furnish your home abroad and help you get settled.

Furniture Packages

The CORT Global Network provides you with a wide variety of furniture rental options, so no matter what you need to furnish your home, you can find it through an international partner. From full home furniture packages to whole sets of flatware, you can find everything you need.


When you choose the CORT Global Network, you can even have your furniture delivered and installed before your arrival. That way, settling in takes less time! No worries about shipping costs, waiting for lots of furniture delivery, or assembling individual pieces.

More Help from CORT

Destination Services

Want more guidance to get settled in your new home? CORT's Destination Services offer all kinds of support to those moving internationally. International services include a whole suite of helpful options like:

  • Pre-arrival assessment
  • Government document assistance
  • Area orientation
  • Homefinding
  • Language services
  • Cultural orientation
  • Departure assistance

And more!

Find an Apartment

If you're moving to the U.S., you can use ApartmentSearch.com find your new home with ease. Just enter your destination city, neighborhood, or zip code; then enter your price range; and choose which amenities you need (just select the "Advanced" dropdown menu after you search), and you're on your way to finding the perfect place!

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