Why Rent Furniture Instead of Buying New?

When a big life transition includes moving, the logistics of getting from A to B can often prove complex. What goes with you? What should you get rid of? How will you get it to your new destination? And if you are staging your home to sell, will your current furniture do the job? Or let's say you decide to start fresh with furniture for your new space—a new set of challenges arises. From assembling a furniture set to transporting the pieces to payment, the process can be both tricky and tiring.

But what if you could make that process simpler? Furnishing a new space doesn't have to be stressful. Here are the benefits of choosing furniture rental for home and office.

Home Staging

A key part of helping your home sell is styling it to look its best. Whether you are a professional or are taking home staging into your own hands, having the right furnishings is a must. However, you may find that your current furniture doesn't flatter your space quite the way you would like. Maybe your furnishings are in storage to prepare for the move, or even in transit as you are selling. Furniture rental is a sensible solution that can ensure your property looks good and spends fewer days on the market.

Furniture Rental for Students

Student life is full of new experiences. From classes to extracurriculars, new friends to new living spaces, having your life in flux is practically guaranteed for students. Furniture rental can remove a potential stress point from your housing situation. You could piecemeal together a set of low-quality furniture that doesn't match, relying on roommates to provide some furnishings, and still ending up with only half a set at the end of the school year. With furniture rental, you get a package deal that takes care of everything, lets you split the cost down the middle with roommates, and is free of the hassle that comes with buying, transporting, arranging, and removing everything.

Optimize an Office

When it comes to office life, the right atmosphere can make a big difference. Having a work space that is both welcoming and utilitarian makes for higher productivity and happier employees. To make this kind of space come to life, partnering with a company like CORT for office furniture rental can be an efficient, effective solution. CORT will customize your space planning based on your business objectives, and can even work with asset management services. And when you decide to go a different direction with your office space, you can replace the rental furniture with permanent pieces.

Military Furniture Rental

Moving as a service member can be fraught with frustrations. No matter the reason you're relocating, having your furnishings already taken care of when you get to your new station can make your move that much easier. Companies like CORT even have a special military out clause, so you can do your job and not have to worry about the logistics of furnishing your home.

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