Looking for an Apartment? Questions to Ask

What to Look for in an Apartment

Looking for an apartment can be exhausting and challenging. You want to explore all of your options so you can get the best price on the best apartment in the best area. Sounds great, but talk about pressure! It can also be hard to figure out exactly what you need in an apartment. Each place has its perks and drawbacks, and every renter has specific, though not identical, needs when it comes to choosing an apartment. And who has the time or energy to visit every property and spend hours researching and reading apartment reviews online? The answer is no one. That's why your friends at ApartmentSearch are here to help. Once you know what to look for in an apartment, you can narrow your search to only places that perfectly fit your wants and needs, plus you can know what questions to ask on an apartment tour. So let's go! To begin, start by asking yourself these simple questions during the research process. You'll be well prepared to move forward with your apartment search in no time.

Apartment Questions

  • What is my price range? Don't forget about utilities, cable, and pet fees.
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do I want?
  • Do I want a backyard or a patio?
  • What is the maximum distance my apartment can be from my workplace or school?
  • What's the minimum number of square feet I need?
  • What type of lease do I need?
    • Short-term lease
    • Multi-year lease
    • Flexible month-to-month lease
    • A lease that allows subletting
  • Which apartment amenities are non-negotiable? In other words, which amenities do I absolutely need?
    • Elevator
    • Fitness center
    • Gated security
    • Night patrol
    • Handicap-accessible
    • Wheelchair access
    • Laundry appliance connections
    • In-unit laundry appliances
    • Shared laundry facilities
    • Motorcycles allowed
    • Covered parking
    • Parking garage
    • Parking lot
    • Pets allowed
    • Dog park
    • Pet washing station
    • Pool
    • Hot tub
    • Pre-furnished unit
    • Grilling station

Lifestyle Questions

  • Will I need a roommate to afford the apartment I want?
  • Do I want to live in a complex that's the life of the party, or a quiet refuge?
  • How convenient is the apartment to the people and things I enjoy most?
  • Do I need a place that's big enough to host out-of-town guests?
  • Do I need an apartment that will let me rent it out on AirBnb sometimes?

Ask, Answer, and Rent!

There's a lot that goes into renting the perfect apartment. Beyond evaluating the price and location, there's a long list of other factors to consider that you may not be aware of — especially if you're new to the apartment search scene. Lay out your answers to the above questions to help guide your search. Save even more time by using ApartmentSearch.com, the only apartment locator service that actually pays you for using it. Find your next apartment through ApartmentSearch and after you sign your lease, collect a $200 reward. It really is as easy as it sounds. Start your search today and make your move tomorrow!