Indianapolis is the heart of Indiana. Though Indianapolis has long been Indiana’s state capital and hub of government activity, in recent years Indianapolis has evolved to be a host city for some of sport’s most prestigious events from the Big Ten Conference football championship to Men’s and Women’s NCAA basketball championships. But that’s not all that Indianapolis has in store. The city has emerged as a vibrant and growing metropolis with a rich downtown scene and eclectic living opportunities. When we think of moving to Indianapolis, we think of…

Rich Arts and Culture

Indianapolis has seven official Cultural Districts, all with their distinct landmarks and accompanying neighborhoods. If you’re looking to rent in Indianapolis, we suggest checking out the following Cultural Districts for your next home: Broad Ripple Village, the Canal and White River State Park, Fountain Square, Indiana Avenue, Massachusetts Avenue, Market East, and the Wholesale district.


Speaking of Cultural Districts, the city of Indianapolis finalized the Cultural Trail in early 2013. The urban bike and pedestrian path connects the five downtown Cultural Districts with outlying neighborhoods and serves as a major route into the heart of downtown. Rent a bike and hit the trail on a sunny afternoon – just don’t ride so fast that you miss the local art that lines the pathways!

Sports As a Way of Life

Love the NBA, NFL, hockey, or auto racing? You are very in luck. You’ve got the Pacers, Colts, the Indiana Fuel to start. And remember the Indy 500? Takes place right here every Memorial Day weekend. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has also played host to the Formula One Grand Prix. Suffice it to say that Indianapolis sports fans are never bored.

Looking to acquaint yourself further with the beloved city of Indy? Check out our Indianapolis City Guide.

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