Welcome to Houston, Texas! When they said that everything is bigger in Texas, it was Houston they were referring to. Houston is home to some 2+ million residents and is the largest city in the Southern United States. A city with a rich history, dynamic culinary scene, and an energy epicenter, Houston apartments offer their residents a world-class living experience while maintaining Southern comfort.

Let’s take a deeper look at what makes Houston such a great home for so many. To see where some of our favorite spots in town are, be sure to check out our Best of Houston City Map.

Houston Cuisine

Houston is truly a melting pot, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the city’s culinary scene. With such a diverse population, Houston has a restaurant or market for almost every type of cuisine. An eating adventure is available all across the city and you’re just as liable to find a new restaurant in Midtown as you are in Bellaire. From rich soul food to French delicacies, Houston will offer adventurous eaters a chance to snack their way around the world.

Top Houston Museums

Art and history lovers alike will be very excited to spend some time in Houston’s Museum District. With stops like the Museum of Fine Art, Holocaust Museum Houston, The Menil Collection, and world-famous Rothko Chapel,  it’s no wonder why the Museum District attracts over 7 million visitors annually. One of our favorites? The Houston Museum of Natural Science’s Butterfly Center. It’s a site not to be missed.  

Sports Teams in Houston

You a sports fan? With Houston, you’ve scored a slam dunk when it comes to athletics. Houston touts their own NFL team, the Houston Texans, in addition to their all-star NBA team, the Rockets. Looking for a more low-key sports experience? Texas’s football is legendary (Friday Night Lights, anyone?) and there’s no shortage of college and high school games to attend through the fall and into the spring.

Places to Live in Houston

Houston is broken into roughly 18 large neighborhoods but the smaller communities within those are almost endless. The largest consideration when looking for Houston apartments should be your commute. Houston’s size, and resultant traffic, is formidable. When possible, try to live and work within the same vicinity - it will make your mornings and rush hours much less chaotic.

Now that you know the lay of the land, Houston will seem like a hospitable new home instead of a mammoth undertaking. Happy Houston apartment-hunting!

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