If you're wondering what you need to know before moving to Columbus, read on! Columbus, Ohio is many things; a state capital, the 15th largest city in the USA, and an excellent place to live according to Businessweek magazine.


The average temperature in Columbus swings between an average of a brisk 22 degrees in January to a pleasantly warm 85 degrees in July. The air is often dense with seasonal thunderstorms, and heavy lightning with large hail is not abnormal. Springtime is tornado season, though around Columbus they tend to be rare and mild. Blizzards are common during the winter, but complete whiteouts are rare.

Anatomy of Columbus

There are many neighborhoods in Columbus, but they divide into a few broad areas:

  • Downtown, a typical urban core area that offers a wide variety of opportunities for nightlife, food adventures, and retail ranging from the esoteric to the elite. The Arena District offers a master-planned urban neighborhood centered around Nationwide Arena.
  • The Near East Side is a selection of historic neighborhoods just east of downtown. Lots of beautiful old houses, picturesque lanes, and classy boutiques are the standard here.
  • The University District offers a variety of different neighborhoods, all leaning away from the 'arch' style of the Near East side and toward a more family-friendly appeal.
  • Other Small Neighborhoods come in many varieties, including upscale, eclectic, culturally diverse, modern, and traditional.

Working in Columbus

Columbus boasts an unemployment rate almost three percent below the national average. Jobs tend to be more available and accessible here than most other cities its size. Major industries include healthcare, education, insurance, banking, technology, and hospitality. JPMorganChase, Nationwide Insurance, Honda, and of course the State and Federal governments are among the largest employers in the area.

Cost of Living

According to a 2010 study, Columbus was one of RelocateAmerica's top 10 cities to move to -- and a large part of that was its affordability. With a cost of living nearly 9% below the national average, all of the vital goods of life are simply less expensive here than elsewhere.

Fun and Culture

Columbus is certainly not without its fun, though! The Ohio State Fair happens for almost two weeks out of every year right here in the capital city. There are also no shortage of theatres, concerts, live music and/or karaoke bars, museums, and other more zany attractions all over the city. No matter your flavor of fun, Columbus will have something that fits your fancy.

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