With a booming and competitive real estate and rental market, it is becoming harder and harder to find an affordable apartment with the right amenities in a desirable location. These challenges are exponentially compounded when searching for not only an apartment or condo you like, but one that is also handicap-accessible. Finding handicap-accessible apartments isn’t easy. Not only do you have to face the typical challenges of finding a new place in the right location with the right feel and character, but you must also ensure your safety and mobility in the new space.

While institutions such as the ADA, or the Americans with Disabilities Act, have been responsible for major changes and improvements in society and infrastructure, many places still do not honor these government-sanctioned accessibility requirements and standards. In order to find the right handicap-accessible apartments during your search for apartments for rent, it’s essential to follow these three steps:

1. Do Your Research

There are many online groups and indexes that are specifically designed to help those with disabilities looking for apartments for rent. The Department of Housing and Urban Development, Section 8 Vouchers, and local city housing development organizations are all responsible for helping those with disabilities find affordable, safe, and comfortable housing that fits their needs and lifestyle. 

2. Ask a Lot of Questions

It’s important to know not only the basics of what you need, but the finer points like proximity to amenities, neighborhood character, and any other aspects of a community that are important to you. Ask as many questions as possible and feel free to reach out to neighbors, especially those with disabilities who might have insight.

3. Visit an Apartment Multiple Times

It’s very easy to only see the good things about an apartment during the first or second time you see it. After the initial viewing make sure to schedule a second and even third showing to make sure you really like the place. The more familiar you are with your new home, the better prepared you can be adjusting to a new environment.

Looking for an accessible apartment can be a stressful challenge in many communities. However, with the right amount of research from state and local organizations, the implementation of online tools like ApartmentSearch, and the right game plan, it’s possible find the perfect accessible apartment.

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