Apartment Safety Checklist


If you’re moving into a new apartment, especially alone, you want to feel safe in your new environment. It may be on a different side of town or an entirely new city – either way, when you’re not familiar with your surroundings, things can be a bit more frightening. Don’t let your fears get the best of you – follow these tips to rest at night knowing you’re safe and sound.


  1. Check Crime Statistics

    Before you rent, research the area to see what crime is like there. You may be surprised, for better or worse, and you don’t want your safety to be a surprise. You could also take your research a step further and find a community forum or talk to people about crime in the area to find out where it may take place and what to avoid.

  2. Check Your Locks and Peepholes

    No matter what, make sure your apartment has new locks on it. Landlords sometimes don’t get all the keys returned and fail to change the locks, or rotate locks among apartments. Be vigilant about making sure a locksmith has taken care of it.

    Also, if your door does not have a peephole, request to get one installed. It’s a simple request, and a big help when strangers come knocking.

  3. Windows

    Then, you’ll want to make sure all of your windows lock securely when you first move in. Sometimes window locks can be old and nearly broken, where a little force can pop it open. Don’t take a risk – have your apartment’s management have a look if you feel they may be unsafe.

  4. Know Your Neighbors

    You may not be looking to make friends, but shaking hands with your neighbors can come in handy in case of an emergency. Even if a loud noise alarms you and want to know if it’s something to worry about, you can ask a neighbor who may know the ropes of your neighborhood more than you do.

  5. Smoke Detectors

    Just as dangerous as intruders is a fire in your home. Make sure your smoke detectors work before you start cooking in your new apartment so you and your possessions are safe in case of a fire.

  6. Get To Know Your Fire Escape

    More fire safety protocol: your fire escape. Many urban apartments don’t have many exits, therefore, a fire escape is there for you to get out quick in case of emergency. Make sure you know your safety exits and how to quickly and safely evacuate if necessary.

  7. Get A Safe

    If you have any priceless possessions, the best way to keep them safe is putting them in a safe. Small safes can be inexpensive and you can tuck them away wherever you’d like. Make sure only you have access to your belongings.