What Is the CORT Personal Service Guarantee?

When it comes to furniture rental for apartments, it's important to work with a company that values quality—not just for furnishings, but for service as well. That's why CORT Furniture Rental has the CORT Personal Service Guarantee. CORT believes that customers deserve a high-quality renting experience from start to finish. After all, furnishing your apartment shouldn't be a hassle—that's why CORT helps make it easy. There are four main ways that CORT upholds a commitment to excellence: satisfaction, promptness, confidence, and quality. Together, they add up to a guarantee that ensures you get exactly what you need out of your furniture rental experience.

The Four Commitments of the CORT Personal Service Guarantee

1. Satisfaction

Unhappy with the furniture you receive? CORT promises that within seven days after delivery of your furniture, you can exchange it within two business days if you are dissatisfied with the condition of the item(s).

2. Promptness

CORT values its clients' time and understands that when it comes to furnishing a home, being punctual is a must. That's why part of the guarantee includes a promise that drivers will arrive to deliver and pick up furnishings on the set date.

3. Confidence

If you need a furniture substitution, you don't have to worry about swapping an item out for something substandard. CORT guarantees that the replacement item will be of equal or greater value. Plus, once your original selection is back in stock, you have the option of exchanging your replacement for the original for free.

4. Quality

The condition of your furnishings is always a top priority to CORT. When furniture arrives at your home, it will be clean, undamaged, and in a condition comparable to the furniture on display in a CORT Rental Showroom.

How to Get Started

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