The St. Louis metropolitan area contains just under three million people (2,905,893), making it the second largest city in Missouri (next to Kansas City). With so many people vying for affordable housing and such a wide-range of living options to choose from, searching for apartments for rent in St. Louis can be challenging. If you’re looking for an apartment in St. Louis, get more details below to simplify the process and find a place that perfectly suits your lifestyle. Learning the layout of the city, the dynamics of the town, and why people choose to live where they do will help you choose the right place for you.

The Best Apartments in St. Louis

There are 79 neighborhoods within St. Louis, which means you’re sure to find a community that suits your personal preferences! While the St. Louis Magazine provides a detailed analysis of each neighborhood in the city, here are some places within and around the city that will give you a feel for the types of neighborhoods:

  • Soulard. Young professionals often gravitate to this area because of the hundreds of restaurants and bars it contains, which are within walking distance of the main streets in downtown.
  • The Hill. This neighborhood is surrounded by two major parks (Tower Grove Park and Forest Park). Also, the Missouri Botanical Garden lies in the middle of it, along with access to a major highway (I-44). This makes The Hill a great neighborhood for the social city-dweller who wants easy access to the outdoors.
  • Central West End. Many young families enjoy this neighborhood toward the western edge of St. Louis city limits, because it has low crime and is close to the St. Louis Zoo. Housing in Central West End is pricier than other areas. The neighborhood contains a large number of coffee shops, restaurants and bars.
  • Lindenwood Park. Still within city limits, this neighborhood is known as a good place for first-time home buyers and features older, brick-homes. Since it’s next to I-44 (like The Hill), residents have easy access to the heart of the city.
  • Clayton. Just outside city limits, this neighborhood is home to high-end boutiques, art galleries and upscale housing. It serves as a top choice for young professionals.
  • Lafayette Square. This neighborhood is suitable for a variety of people—for the foodie, historian or architecture buff. Since it is located near a large public park and Busch Stadium, too, there’s much to do within close proximity.
  • Saint Louis Hills. This area is located on the southern edge of the city. Young married couples with children tend to prefer this area due to its low crime rate, many play areas, and family friendly holiday events.

These neighborhoods are some of the more popular ones within (or around) official city limits, but you may prefer suburban life. If so, consider St. Charles, a northern suburb near the airport, or Chesterfield, a suburb close to the perimeter of the city. Also, while the city of East St. Louis lies in Illinois (just outside of the city limits of St. Louis, along the Mississippi), it’s another option for those wishing to move to the area.

As of February 2016, 1-bedroom apartments in St. Louis rented for approximately $730 and 2-bedroom apartments rented for an average of $911. The average commute time for St. Louis residents is 24 minutes.

Getting Around St. Louis

St. Louis has a Walkscore of 64/100, (which means that it has a fair amount of good places to walk in the city), a transit score of 45/100, and a bike score of 57/100. While public transportation does exist, it may not best to count on it as your only means of transport. It caters to limited areas. Bikers too, will be able to find some trails, but not as many as in cities like Boulder, CO or Austin, TX. St. Louis uses the MetroLink transit system and the MetroBus public bus system for public transportation.

With three major highways (I-55, I-70 and I-44) going through the city, St. Louis lives up to its reputation as the "Gateway to the West," which can make for high traffic during national holidays. If you are looking for a more traditional mode of transportation, you can even travel by train through the St. Louis Train Station!  

What to Do in St. Louis

Many people come to St. Louis to work for one of the city’s major employers like Wal-Mart Stores, Boeing Defense, Washington University, or one of the other large companies like Wells Fargo or AT&T Services, but the city has many unique activities outside of work, as well.

Restaurants throughout the city provide many options for those who enjoy dining out. From ethnic restaurants like the Mission Taco Joint to frozen custard shops like Ted Drewes, foodies have fun exploring St. Louis!

For those up for a little outdoor recreation, St. Louis supports two major sports teams, the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium (MLB) and the St. Louis Blues at Scottrade Center (NHL). In addition, the city is home to nationally recognized features like the Gateway Arch, the Missouri Botanical Garden and the (free!) St. Louis Zoo. Residents also enjoy recreational activities provided by places like the City Museum, which is an adventure park for people of all ages.

If you’re moving to the city, make sure to find an apartment that suits your needs, so you can enjoy all the features of the city. Search for apartments for rent in St. Louis on ApartmentSearch.com!