Bienvenidos a Miami! Most people go to this international hotspot for a tropical getaway, but for locals, Miami holds much more than breathtaking beaches. If you’re looking for an apartment in Miami, you should also find out what makes the city so unique with our moving guide.


Serious Multiculturalism

Miami’s location makes it a unique merging of American, Caribbean and Central American cultures. It’s the largest city with a Cuban-American plurality, and is the second largest American city with a Spanish-speaking majority. Haitian Creole, French, and Portuguese are among other languages spoken in Miami homes. While English will certainly get you around, the rich culture of Miami could teach you a few new phrases and certainly enrich your taste for Latin and Caribbean music, food and festivities.


An Obvious Destination

While many Americans might think of Miami as a vacation destination, it’s also a long-term destination for many industries. Though it is considered the “Cruise Capital of the World” for the volume of cruises based out of the Port of Miami, it’s also been nicknamed “The Magic City” for its incredibly rapid growth over the past 150 years. Now reaching nearly 5 million in the metro area, downtown Miami is populated by a serious concentration of international headquarters in finance, fashion, commerce, health, and entertainment.



As internationally represented as Miami is, there is no shortage of transportation for near or far distances. The Miami International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the nation according to Airport Technology, and PortMiami is the largest cruise ship port in the world, generating $27 billion to the local economy every year. For locals, getting around town is also easily accessible. Miami’s public transit includes a commuter rail, heavy-rail rapid transit, bus system, and the Metromover, an automated, elevated “people mover” that navigates through the greater downtown neighborhoods. Clearly, you’ll never be far from an easy ride in Miami.


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