What about Lansing is so appealing for its residents? Despite the Michigan capital's unforgiving snowfall in the winter and a difficult history of economic ups and downs, anyone from Lansing will happily tell you the city is thriving and welcoming more people than ever before. With a population of more than 113,000 residents, this Mid-Michigan metropolitan area has lots to offer to newcomers.

What should you know if you're moving to Lansing? Here’s what new residents of the Heart of Michigan can look forward to.                           

Take on Rich Education Opportunities

Michigan State University, or MSU, is located in East Lansing. The university has over 200 programs of study, with 14 different degree-granting schools. Some of the city’s more notable programs are three medical schools and a law school. Those MSU graduates are a smart set, but they’re not the only scholars in Lansing. Lansing Community College additionally holds a whopping 500 areas of study and serves over 18,000 students within Lansing.

Neighborhoods to Call Your Own

Downtown Lansing is the epicenter of the city’s cultural scene with various surrounding neighborhoods that comprise the city’s residential spaces. Lansing’s neighborhoods are divided into four main quadrants: Eastside, Westside, Northwestside, and Southside. From Old Town Lansing to Gier Park, there’s a Lansing apartment and neighborhood just for you.

Lansing, MI Is Music to Our Ears

Music is a big part of Lansing’s culture. The Lansing Symphony Orchestra, founded in 1929, has been bringing new and old classics to the Lansing community for decades. In addition to the LSO, the Lansing JazzFest and Old Town BluesFest hosts some of the country’s top musicians with special priority for local acts. Lansing also hosts the Blues of the Square series during the summer months, which has national acts playing in Washington Square. If music is what moves you, Lansing will welcome you with open arms.

More Tips for Moving to Lansing

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