Calling Knoxville, TN Home

If you’re thinking of making the move to Tennessee, the city of Knoxville is a great place to settle down. As the home to University of Tennessee’s flagship campus, Knoxville carries all the charm of a college town while providing a modern business hub. Want to know more? We’ve outlined the top five insights you need to have before moving to Knoxville.

Knoxville in Nature

Knoxville is located in the Great Appalachian Valley, between the Great Smoky Mountains and the Cumberland Plateau with elevation ranging from 800 feet to just over 1,000 feet in the city’s various neighborhoods. The Tennessee River cuts downtown Knoxville in two and makes the city feel humid year round. However, the elevation keeps temperatures down with summer highs in the low 80s and some snowy weeks in January and February.  If you’re looking for moderate seasons with beautiful natural scenery, Knoxville offers a little bit of both!

Finding Your Knoxville Neighborhood

Knoxville boasts an impressive number of neighborhoods that are generally named according to their proximity to downtown. With North, South, East. and West Knoxville, you’ll find a variety of communities and locales with rich history. Whether you want to be close to UT in Seqoyah Hills or hang out in Chilhowee Park near Five Points, we can get started you on a Knoxville apartment hunt.

Getting Your Money’s Worth

Unlike many of the South’s popular cities, Knoxville’s cost of living has remained relatively low. The average apartment in Knoxville comes in at an affordable $658. To scale back on cost but not on comfort, consider Knoxville.

Culture in Knoxville

The city’s arts and culture scene has flourished over the years. Bluegrass is at the heart of Knoxville’s musical history and the city hosts several small musical festivals annually to celebrate the city’s notable sound. But if bluegrass isn’t your style, the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra has over 200 yearly events with opportunities to hear some more classical tunes. For the visual arts, patrons should check out the Dogwood Arts Festival, hosted every April, which features everything from crafts to live music.

Knoxville’s Sports Make A Slamdunk

The University of Tennessee’s Volunteers are extremely popular in Knoxville. The college’s Nyland Stadium and Thompson-Boling Area hosts many of the Vols sporting events and offer fans front-row access to all their favorite UT sports action.

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