A swampy city in Southern Florida, Jacksonville has evolved to metropolitan highs from what once was an early French settlement. With a rich city infrastructure, dynamic sports scene, and varied cultural touch points, Jacksonville is a great city to consider for your next move. Still unsure about what Jacksonville has to offer? Let us drum up some of the city’s highlights.

Easy Travel

If you’re a jetsetter, Jacksonville is a great home base. With the Jacksonville International Airport hub and several smaller airports to serve the city, traveling by air is a breeze. Jacksonville is also a major seaport and several cruise lines such as Carnival and American sail out from the city. Jacksonville offers the perfect jumping off point for that tropical vacation you’ve always wanted. Time to book that trip to Mexico or the Caribbean you’ve always dreamed of!

A Neighborhood Built for You

There’s almost no limit to the number of neighborhoods potential residents could explore when considering a move to Jacksonville. With over 500 neighborhood areas in Jacksonville, there’s a neighborhood built for every resident. Some key neighborhoods to check out are the LaVilla, Springdale, and San Marco areas, all of which are in close proximity to Downtown Jacksonville.

Those Sunny Florida Skies

Get ready to toss that winter coat to the back of the closet. Now if you’re debating a move to Florida, the weather is probably already on your radar. (Insert rim shot here!) It’s not all beach weather in Jacksonville, though that’s what it may seem. The city does dip during the winter months, with about two weeks of at-or-near freezing temperatures.  That said, Jacksonville boasts a steady climate in the mid 70°s, with lows in the 40°s and highs up through the 100°s.  You’re looking at mild, if not muggy, weather with a lot of sun. If you’re ready to do away with shoveling snowy sidewalks, Jacksonville will be a welcome respite.

Happy house or apartment hunting, you potential Jacksonvillians! And if you want to check out more of our highlights, we recommend giving our Jacksonville City Guide a look. 

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