If you’re about to move to El Paso, you’ve probably been trying to figure out where the best places to live, work, eat and have fun. There are plenty of apartments in El Paso spread out in the city, but it can be difficult to know exactly where you want to end up if you’re not familiar enough with the area. To make your future home easier to fall into, here’s a guide to help you choose the best apartment and help know what to expect in your area. “The Sun City” has ample options of great apartments; the trick is choosing the right one.

The Best Apartments in El Paso

A unique merging of three distinct areas, New Mexico, Texas and Mexico, “The Pass” constitutes several regions that make up the metropolitan area. For example, Mission Valley on the southeast side of town is the oldest area, dating back to the late 1500s when Spanish conquistadors traveled north from Mexico. Many historical pueblos and churches have been sustained to the present day, and this plus a rich influence of present-day Latin culture keeps the Mission Valley a destination of thousands each year. Each area of El Paso has preserved historical sites, however, including downtown and central El Paso, the center of the thriving economy. If scenery is your interest, try living near the Franklin Mountains that run through the west side of El Paso and extend north to New Mexico.

El Paso Statistics – Crime, Schools, Salary, and More

The most recent census counted about 650,000 residents in El Paso, a 15% increase from the previous census. The growing economy gives room for plenty of job opportunities, especially in international trade, oil and gas. In fact, The Pass is the second biggest international crossing point in America, just behind San Diego. The University of Texas at El Paso attracts over 20,000 students and includes a medical school. Characterized as a safer and more affordable city, the Latin influence and abundance of sunshine makes the Sun City a desirable place for a new start. For any more statistics, visit an online community information tool.

Getting Around El Paso

The sprawling nature of this desert city does not lend itself to the type of transit systems of other, denser urban areas, but Sun Metro is constantly expanding the public transportation in the city. The affordability of the city also makes it easier to afford a car or live close enough to where you work at a good price.

What to Do in El Paso

El Paso is home to a vibrant culture with over a dozen annual festivals and events. Among them is one of the top air shows in the country, Amigo Airsho, the oldest Hispanic festival in the Southwest, Fiesta de las Flores, and several music festivals that combine popular modern music and Latin music. Authentic Mexican food (and some Tex Mex) is also a major attraction in the city. Every season has an event or festival to look forward to, and getting rained out is rarely a possibility.

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