There’s a big difference between apartment locator services. Let’s start with fees.

One glance at most online apartment search services and they might all look similar. But look closer. Many services charge you a monthly fee for listing on their site. And apartment communities end up paying the same fee regardless of how many people see their listing or end up signing a lease.

Pay-for-performance locators only charge when a lease is successfully signed. You pay no monthly fees and can easily track renters. But even pay-for-performance sites are not equal. There are clear advantages to listing your community with ApartmentSearch.com by CORT.

When you list with ApartmentSearch.com, you only pay when we deliver. If we don’t perform, it costs you absolutely nothing.

We will personally bring prospective renters on tours of your properties, and only ApartmentSearch.com calls to confirm every lease - instead of automatically billing you like other locators, so there are no problems

Tracking renters is easy on ApartmentSearch.com.

Most monthly-fee locators require no registration to use the website, so you don’t have the ability to track which tenants came to you through the specific site.

With ApartmentSearch.com, it’s very easy to track renters. Because fees are only paid when renters have moved in to your community, ApartmentSearch.com makes it easy to track prospective tenants.

ApartmentSearch.com requires users to sign up and enter personal information in order to utilize all of the site features.

Even among “pay-for-performance” sites, ApartmentSearch.com stands out.

What sets ApartmentSearch.com apart from even other pay-for performance locators is the extra benefits you receive free of charge. No setup fee. You manage your own page. Some pay-for-performance locators may charge you a one time initial setup fee to put a new community on the network. Not ApartmentSearch.com. You can create, update and manage your own community’s page and put whatever information you want up on it.

Personal service comes standard.

With most pay-for-performance locators, an invoice is automatically generated and sent to the apartment community when a renter successfully signs a lease. ApartmentSearch.com is different. A real, live representative will call you personally to confirm the lease and let you know the tenant came through ApartmentSearch.com. You won’t receive a bill until your community has confirmed it.

Why ApartmentSearch.com is the best value in the business.

Because CORT has a network of highly trained representatives in every major market in the U.S. and relationships with many companies in the Fortune 500, we know where relocating corporate renters are coming from, where they’re going and how long they need to stay.

And part of our job is to help these relocating employees find an apartment. When ApartmentSearch.com experts look for local apartments to recommend, we look to our database of properties. And if yours happens to be on it, we bring the renter right to your doorstep.

This kind of personal service gives you access to potentially thousands and thousands of corporate relocations, and gives the relocating employees exposure to your property –something they might never get otherwise.

Need additional help or have questions, don't hesitate to contact us!  You can reach us at 1-800-APARTMENT or simply send us an email to info@apartmentsearch.com and we will be glad to help add your property to  ApartmentSearch.com