Furniture Rental and International Moves

One of the toughest things about moving internationally is setting up a home in your new city. Shopping remotely for furniture and moving it into your new space can prove difficult. So what can you do when you need to furnish a home abroad? Opting for furniture rental is a great way to simplify the process. Relying on the CORT Global Network means you have more than just furniture rental available as part of your moving plan. With CORT, service and selection go hand-in-hand. Whether your international stay is temporary or you're looking to live overseas indefinitely, CORT can help furnish your residence.

How does furniture rental work?

Here's how to get started.
    1. Select your location.
      If you are moving to another country, select a location from the CORT Global Network list. If you are in the U.S., you can browse CORT Furniture Solutions.
    2. Assess your needs.
      Next, figure out what you need in your new home. What size is your home? How long will you be staying? Are you renting while you are waiting for your household goods to arrive, or are you looking for furniture for your entire stay?
    3. Choose your furniture.
      Now select the furniture rental package you want. Packages can range from one-room assemblages like bedroom packages to larger ones like a complete home package. These packages can include everything from the biggest pieces, like sofas and dining tables, to smaller necessities, like lamps and linen sets.
    4. Choose a style.
      Just because you're renting furniture doesn't mean you can't style your home to your tastes. From plush to polished, you have your pick of furniture styles to make your temporary space feel more like a home.
    5. Request a quote.
      Input your information so you can get a cost estimate. This includes factors like your lease term, location, and preferred delivery date.

What's the advantage of international furniture rental?

CORT partners with top rental furniture companies around the world so that customers who are relocating abroad can have all the conveniences and selection of CORT Furniture Rental—wherever they go!  

No more mixing and matching pieces to assemble a full set. Choose a set with everything you need, and you're done.  With a wide range of sets and styles, every customer can find the rental package they need.

The CORT Global Network facilitates your transition by offering exceptional customer service so you can worry less about the logistics of your international move. You'll have a single point of contact who can coordinate the furniture rental process. CORT will take care of furniture transportation, delivery, and setup, all within 24 to 48 hours. In many cases, you can even arrive to a fully-furnished home.