Military Relocations, Simplified

Renting furniture in the military makes life easier. There's just no other way to say it! Whether you're moving overseas or it's time for another Permanent Change of Station (PCS), you probably don't enjoy moving. Who does? There's boxes to bother with, forms to fill out for your relocation expenses, and then you've got to worry about your old furniture fitting into your new space (which you've never seen). Maybe you even hate the time it takes to make everything feel like "home" again. Military furniture rental can make all of the above easier.

Military Furniture Rental Benefits

Frequent moves across the country or across the globe are no problem with one of CORT's military furniture rental packages. CORT makes it simple and affordable to live in a comfortable, stylish apartment off or on base.

When you rent furniture...

You're Ready for Anything

Military life means that anything can change at any moment. The military may have told you to pack for Alaska, so you ship your motorcycle north and stock up on cold weather gear. A week before your move, they announce plans have changed. You're headed to Florida. CORT can't help with your motorcycle, but they CAN have your new digs in Florida furnished in as little as 48 hours. Plus, their "military out" clause means that you can return your rentals any time you need to relocate, without the fear of early termination fees.

Anywhere Can Feel Like Home

You want every place you move to feel like home, and now it can! Whether you’re planning for a long or short-term stay, CORT Furniture Rental has the right solution for you. Choose the perfect style for your new space and have your place ready in no time. (As little as 48 hours!) Build your own package or choose from one that's been specially curated by a CORT designer.

You Can Get Exactly What You Need

Whether you’re packing up your whole family for relocation or you’re a bachelor GI looking for a place to call home, CORT Furniture has the right military rental package for you.

Build a personalized military whole-home package with one of CORT’s three starter packages. For simple beginnings, check out the Standard Issue package, including living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture. Bachelors will feel right at home with the Geo Bachelor’s package which includes all the things from the Standard Issue package PLUS the staples of any bachelor pad: a recliner, 39” TV, lamp, and TV stand.

Need more for your family space? Look into the Barracks Breakout package. This package includes all of your kitchen essentials in addition to all of the items from the Geo Bachelor’s package.

You Don't Have To Worry

Make your next military move an easy one. Learn more about CORT's affordable military furniture rental packages and get your quote today!

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