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Floorplans & Pricing

Ashby 1 Bed 1 Bath $2,000 - $2,100 813 sq ft
Carlow 1 Bed 1 Bath $2,075 - $2,200 832 sq ft
Berkeley 1 Bed 1 Bath $2,250 - $2,375 970 sq ft
Marksburg 2 Beds 2 Baths $2,400 - $2,500 1,117 sq ft
Devin 2 Beds 2 Baths $2,500 - $2,625 1,173 sq ft
Sandal 2 Beds 2 Baths $2,575 - $2,675 1,183 sq ft
Redwood 2 Beds 2 Baths $2,575 - $2,675 1,183 sq ft
Portchester 2 Beds 2 Baths $2,650 - $2,750 1,193 sq ft
Malbork 2 Beds 2 Baths $2,725 - $2,825 1,221 sq ft
Wales 2 Beds 2 Baths $2,825 - $2,925 1,264 sq ft
Warwick 2 Beds 2 Baths $2,825 - $3,150 1,219 sq ft
Hame 2 Beds 2 Baths $2,900 - $3,000 1,272 sq ft
Chambord 2 Beds 2 Baths $3,000 - $3,150 1,289 sq ft
Camber 2 Beds 2 Baths $3,200 - $3,300 1,318 sq ft
Wallworth 2 Beds 2 Baths $3,850 - $3,950 1,626 sq ft
Wiston 3 Beds 2 Baths $3,600 - $3,725 1,466 sq ft
Lambton 3 Beds 2 Baths $3,600 - $3,725 1,468 sq ft
Guinness 3 Beds 2 Baths $5,000 - $5,100 2,346 sq ft

Need It Furnished?


Furniture Without Commitment

Why rent furniture?

In times of transition, we all need a place to stay, a place to call home. Why hassle with buying, moving, setting up and then having to move, store, sell or discard furniture when you are done with it, when you can rent furniture from CORT? Cost-effective, convenient and hassle-free, furniture rental is the smart, flexible alternative for times of transition.

Ideal Short or Long-Term Solutions

Whether you’re a corporate commuter, student, stager, or serving in the military, furniture rental is an ideal solution. From several months to several years and everything in between, CORT has the lease term options you need for your stay.

Convenient & Personalized

Personalize your own space by choosing your furniture by the room or by the piece. With CORT's Move-In Ready packages, a trained professional will pick furniture to match your needs and budget.

Seriously Hassle-Free

Your prompt, professional delivery includes a complete furniture package setup down to the last pillow, lampshade, or spoon. CORT Furniture Rental provides a furnished life without compromise or commitment.

Features & Description of Merriewold

Please Call for Pricing
Short Term Lease:
Security Deposit:
$2100.00 - $5100.00

Please Call for an Appointment

Dogs Allowed:
Yes (2 Dogs)
Restricted Breed:
Dog Notes:
The following rules must be adhered to. Violation will constitute sufficient grounds for immediate removal of the pet by you from the property and/or immediate lease termination. You will incur all legal fees. Violation by other pet owners will be dealt with by the management and does not constitute a waiver of your agreement.1. A non-refundable pet fee of $400.00 for the 1st pet and $200.00 pet fee for the 2nd pet must be paid upon execution of the agreement. The fee(s) is for the privilege of having a pet(s) on the property and will not be used for any damages caused by your pet. Damages must be paid immediately.2. An additional pet fee of $50.00 per pet will be paid on the first of each month to be included in your monthly rental payment.3. Landlord reserves the right to limit the number of pets to no more than two animals per 1-2 bedroom apartment, and 3 per 3 bedroom apt, cats or dogs.4. Landlord will charge $300 cleaning pet fee, if resident(s) do not curb the dog(s).5. A photograph of the pet must be provided and will be kept in the apartment file.6. Dog Breed restrictions: - Akita - Giant Schnauzer- Alaskan Malamute - Great Dane- American Staffordshire Terrier - Husky- Bullmastiff - Pit Bull- Chow - Presa Canario- Dalmation - Rottweiler- Doberman Pinscher -Saint Bernard- Eskimo Spitz - Wolf Hybrid- German Shepherd. Any mixed breed dog including one of the above.
Cats Allowed:
Yes (2 Cats)

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