Apartments for Rent in minneapolis, minnesota

Living in Minneapolis

Over 3.5 million residents call Minneapolis, Minnesota home. As the larger of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis has roots on both banks of the Mississippi River and is abundantly rich with water. With 20 lakes and wetlands, the Mississippi River, and an innumerable number of creeks and waterfalls, it's no wonder the area is nicknamed "City of Lakes!"

Residents enjoy ice fishing and ice skating during the long, frigid winter, and golfing and biking during the spring, summer, and fall. While negative temperatures may keep most people indoors during the winter, you can count on being "out and about" the remainder of the year. Minneapolis is home to the highest number of golfers per capita and 94% of the population live within 10 minutes of a park—just 10 minutes!

The city is also lovingly referred to as a "cultural oasis amidst a sea of cornfields." Many Minnesotans consider Minneapolis and the Twin Cities to be the capital for the arts of the Upper Midwest. Creative people with aptitudes for theater, visual art, writing, and music, are welcomed by the area's many cultural organizations.

Renting in Minneapolis: Fully Furnished Apartments to Corporate Housing

Like other large metropolitan areas, housings costs in Minneapolis vary by neighborhood, proximity to downtown, and amenities. From corporate housing in downtown Minneapolis to fully furnished apartments near the suburbs, ApartmentSearch.com has you covered! Renting an apartment in Minneapolis is easy, whether you're arriving with a truckload of stuff or need to furnish your apartment for cheap, fast.

The average 1-bedroom apartment in Minneapolis rents for about $1,472 per month and a 2-bedroom apartment rents for about $2,102 (as of August 2016). The most affordable neighborhoods for those looking to rent a cheap apartment in Minneapolis include Howe, Philips West, and Stevens Square. The most expensive neighborhoods for apartment dwellers include Lowry East Hill, Cedar-Isles-Dean, and Downtown West.

Moving to Minneapolis

If you move to Minneapolis, get ready to make friends. With a heart for service, residents of Minneapolis are some of the kindest and most generous folks around: more than 40% of adults in the city spend time volunteering.

While it's a great place for friendship, Minneapolis is also a great place for advancing your career. Minneapolis boasts America's fifth-highest concentration of Fortune 500 companies. These companies include the Target Corporation, Best Buy, UnitedHealth Group, General Mills, Xcel Energy, and Hormel Foods.

So, if you're hunting for a job AND an apartment in Minneapolis (and maybe a new group of friends), you're in luck! Search recently listed apartments for rent in Minneapolis below, compare fully furnished apartments for rent, get pricing on furniture rental packages, and more, all from your friends at ApartmentSearch.com!