Apartments for Rent in los angeles, california

Living in Los Angeles

Welcome to the "City of Angels!" Los Angeles leads the world in television production, recorded music, and motion picture production. It's a mecca for anyone with an ounce of creativity in their blood, including artists, models, actors, musicians, and pretty much any dreamer who has aspirations of "making it big" in the entertainment industry.

Whether you're in LA for fame or not, the fun, food, and weather are sure to make you want to stay forever! You'll enjoy discovering hidden gems around every corner. A rundown warehouse could be the city's most happening nightclub. Your neighborhood strip mall could be home to the best burritos in the U.S. You never know what you'll experience in LA!

The only downside to LA living? Traffic. Horrible, terrible, no good traffic. Despite the fact that Los Angeles has the second largest bus system in the U.S., just behind New York City, LA was designed for cars. The city lacks a central "hub," like Manhattan, and is a sprawling mass of highways, suburbs, and neighborhoods. In short, it's not a great setup for public transportation. Plan on bringing your car and giving yourself extra time to get, well, everywhere.

Studios, One Bedrooms & Furnished Apartments For Rent in Los Angeles

The average rental rate for a one bedroom apartment in Los Angeles is $2,328. A two bedroom apartment rents for approximately $3,088 (October 2016). The cheapest neighborhoods for renting an apartment are Pacoima, Leimert Park, and Central City, while more expensive, luxurious apartments can be found near Toluca Lake, the Hollywood Hills, and Westwood.

Two of the trendiest new neighborhoods include Silver Lake and Echo Park. Both are overflowing with unique theaters, cafes, art galleries, and music venues.

Keep in mind that your rental price will depend on your proximity to popular restaurants, television studios, and city attractions. Your rate will also be impacted by the length of your lease and if you choose to furnish your apartment on your own or have it pre-furnished.

Pack Your Bags & Move to LA!

Moving to LA isn't like moving to say, Kansas City. There a few interesting things to keep in mind, like the fact that not all apartments in LA come with refrigerators and/or stoves. And remember, public transportation (outside of Uber) is not the most reliable. You'll want to factor in traffic and the cost of maintaining a car into your monthly expenses.

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