In addition to CORT furniture, we have partners that offer everything you need when renting an apartment. Whether you need help connecting utilities or need to find storage space, our partners offer the best deals! Thank you for choosing ApartmentSearch.com and our trusted partners.

Free Credit Scores

Check Your Credit Now!

A good credit score is important to rent an apartment but it's also your passport to competitive interest rates for cars, credit card, insurance premiums and more. Check it now!
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Connect Utilities

Special offers on connecting or switching your electricity, cable, TV, gas, and much more. Don’t miss these great deals when moving apartments! Simplify your move and save.
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Storage Space

Whether you need storage, before, during, or after you move – SpareFoot can help. Find the best deals in your area that will fit your needs like a glove. Check these great deals out now!
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Renters Insurance

Don’t let your belongings go unprotected, get special offers on renters insurance now. Many apartment communities now require renters insurance, so get a jump on it and save some money while you’re at it.
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Credit Card

Guaranteed $500 Unsecured Credit Limit with a fast online application and no credit check. Build your credit today with a Horizon Gold card. Apply today and use your card at the Horizon online store!
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Save With Coupons

Special offers on everything you need! Coupons for household goods, groceries, personal items, and much more. Moving to a new apartment can be expensive, so save some money with coupons.
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Credit Offer

Receive your Credit Report today! Get your FREE Credit Scores & $1 Reports in just seconds. Property managers will likely check your credit before approving rental application. Check it yourself now.
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