Apartments for Rent in santa clara, california

Santa Clara, CA

Santa Clara, California is a city where more than 102,000 people live. Football fans may know Santa Clara, California as the home of the San Francisco 49ers. Located in the center of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara is also home to many high-tech companies.

Moving to Santa Clara

So you're thinking about moving to Santa Clara? You've undoubtedly heard that Santa Clara is a major place for some of the biggest names in high-tech. But there's more to Santa Clara than the companies that call it home. People moving to Santa Clara are doing so because of the nice weather, job opportunities and friendly people.

Quality of Life in Santa Clara

People enjoy a nice quality of life in Santa Clara, though home prices are very high. The weather very much affects the quality of life in Santa Clara in a positive way. The city rarely experiences extreme temperatures. Summers in Santa Clara have average temperatures of around 70 degrees, with a cool ocean breeze. People love to spend time at the many parks and shopping centers in Santa Clara, which include the impressive rides and amusements of Paramount's Great America.


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