Apartments for Rent in sacramento, california

Moving to Sacramento

Many people are moving to Sacramento. The capital of California, Sacramento is sometimes referred to by locals as "Sac," "Sactown," "The Capital City," "The River City" and "The City of Trees." Those moving to Sacramento will realize that the city got the name "The River City" because of the nearby Sacramento River and American River. While some are moving to Sacramento for the beautiful scenery and culture in California's Central Valley, others are moving to Sacramento to attend California State University, Sacramento.

Sacramento Real Estate and Apartment Rentals

You'll find many Sacramento apartment rentals near California State University, Sacramento, since apartment rentals are a popular choice for students and other university staff members and faculty. But the university area isn't the only area in Sacramento where you can find apartment rentals -- complexes are all over Sacramento. The cost of living in Sacramento is at the national average, so Sacramento real estate and apartment rentals are not considered outrageous. In fact, many consider Sacramento to be one of the most affordable cities in California.

Sacramento Neighborhoods

Sacramento neighborhoods include many areas with exciting, unique characteristics. There's downtown, a Sacramento neighborhood perfect for those who want an urban setting and close proximity to nightlife, shopping and other entertainment. Other Sacramento neighborhoods to consider are Rancho Cordova, Arden and Rosemont, which are areas that have affordable living options.