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Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, Florida has the largest population of any city in Florida. With gorgeous weather, close proximity to beaches and plenty of entertainment options, Jacksonville is a great city for residents and visitors.

Moving to Jacksonville

If you're moving to Jacksonville, there are many exciting aspects of the city that you might be interested in knowing. Jacksonville is located on the banks of the St. Johns River, and beaches are nearby, so there are many places in Jacksonville to kick back and enjoy the beautiful water view. Those moving to Jacksonville may be interested in knowing that the city of Jacksonville is the largest city in land area in America.

Jacksonville Neighborhoods

Jacksonville neighborhoods consist of many different areas depending on the type of home in which you'd like to live. Those who prefer living in an urban setting may be interested in the downtown Jacksonville neighborhoods, which have been considerably rebuilt and renewed in the last few years. Beach bums might like to live in the Beaches District, a Jacksonville neighborhood perfect for those who'd like to be within minutes of sunbathing and enjoying the beautiful ocean. Homes and apartment rentals in this Jacksonville neighborhood are typically more expensive than other areas.


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